Quake_log: 5.1 Earthquake in Northern India Sep 21, 2009

Posted on 22nd September, 2009
Quake_log: 5.1 Earthquake in Northern India September 21, 2009
This one is a long post after this post am not going to blog for a couple of weeks unless some emergency arises

North India rattled with 5.1 Earthquake on Sep 21st, 2009

This time I did not posted any blog entry under quake log category, the reason is I have been very busy this week and secondly the long power cuts were to be blamed for I am not posting about my observations. Sometimes, I think about pros and cons of writing such observations (I mean sixth sense quake predictions). If you foretell someone that, this natural calamity is knocking around and is arriving within hours, what kind of benefit it will be to the listener? I have seen this many times. It results in nothing unless you act upon remedial solutions provided by the alerter. Is’n it?

Power Failures

This time earthquake came within 18 hours of my prediction. These days I am working more than 10 – 12 hours on one of my web projects. Need to generate some revenue, to bring it to utmost working level. I am doing job of five workmen single handily and 9 hours power cut, is the second reason of being ignorant to world botheration. Even now, I am logged into my laptop which I usually do not connect to Internet, as most of coding and project are tested on it. There is no electric power since 9 am and it will not be till 1 pm (lunch time). Again it will be available only for 2 hours.

Sixth Sense

On 20th September, 2009 I took some free time off my web project, as it was dinner time at 9 pm (late than usual). I was standing near wall and rested my right foot on it, while I was watching news on TV, along with my parents. Suddenly, I notice movement in ground and paid attention to grasp its direction. I noticed, it was curving from East to South making a curve towards lesser towards North and more towards West. It lasted only for 30 to 40 seconds and was very weak. After this tremor, I told about it to my parents and asked them to notice if they can see slight swing in ceiling fan. They said every thing appears normal as usual; nothing they felt. This time no urgency was there in my mind to post any blog about it. Earlier it use to be there. Web project was occupying my mind. Now I live more like business man than centered soul. World is busy, so is divinity. Get the nirvana 🙂

Quake_log_18May_2009 : Earthquake Alert for Southern region

Quake Alert for Southern region (w.r.t my location, Chandigarh/Mohali Punjab, India).
18th_May_2009 at 10:52 Hours India Time

At 10:20 an episode of tremor waves started and one prominent came at 10:35 am IST.
This one was having direction of lowerhalf of East-Western to lowerhalf of North-South planes.
In some simple way I can say like this, “The tremor wave was traveling from Singhapore to South Affrica (Got the direction?). Now! where can we put alert of an impending earthquake? Quakes commiing form Eastern side normaly jolt Assam, Arunachal, Indonesia, and Myanmar (Burma). It can also shake recently shaken Australia, Queensland, Melbourne or North-Eastern part of Australia.