Big frauds : Amway and SpeakAsia

There is a widespread disease in India and it is known as MLM i.e. Multi Level Marketing. If anybody wanna become billionaire quickly then Indians are here for them to get their dreams realized. Just sell us dreams to become rich overnight and we will rush for you like Pipe Pipers rats. Some wicked brains are already reaping this market. Some are selling insurance policies, some are selling gold, silver and diamond jewelery, some are selling home products from suit length to toothpaste and while others like SpeakAsia are selling Home based survey data entry through MLM line of trick marketing.

There is one very popular company Amway they are the first ones who made Indians JACK A#$. While an average Indian household spending on cosmetics was around INR Rs.200 per month, they tricked people to by their B*S* products for the tune of Rs.7000/-. If business is for profit, while making fool out of people, then that is really a devils marketing (“Christ Hath Spoken” ). Amway has a tag line which says “We Are Listening”. Yeah! sure they are listening that we are calling ourselves dumb fools.

Now there is another trickster on the market. “Chris Angel” of Home based Survey business, SpeakAsia. This is a world we live in. Here tricksters project themselves as angels. SpeakAsia is just raging into Indian Home based data entry/survey cum MLM marketing, like anything. People are made like Americans were at the time of epic Gold rush time. Every now and then some class tenth school-boy and even B.Tech graduate will approach me and seek my opinion about SpeakAsia kind of Home based data job business. This is ridiculously funny for me to see people getting mad about such fraud marketing schemes.

Now consider this scenario that you pay me 11K buck and I have to pay you back only 4000 on monthly basis with a condition for on you to make two members in your down line and those also pay me Rupees 11 K as joining fee, I’ll be billionaire in six months and every member in my or your down line will be jack @$$. Its a money laundering fraud behind the veil of data entry job.

In ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) there is a very popular saying, it goes like this ……”In this world you find two kind of people… who is cheating and the other is cheated one.” and Indian as best in this…First it was AMWAY and now SpeakAsia.

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