Earthquake shakes MELBOURNE, Australia

Here comes Earthquake in Melbourne, Australia, within 12 hours of quake log filed on Sixth Sense blog.

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Earthquake shakes Australian city

16 hours ago

MELBOURNE (AFP) — Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, was shaken by an earthquake Friday, but police said there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

Residents reported buildings shaking across the metropolitan area and other parts of southeastern Victoria state, recently ravaged by wildfires which killed 210 people.

“Being so close to the fire areas and having been on alert the last two to three weeks, our only thought was ‘oh my God, what now?'” said Kate Bruce of Doreen.

“My kids thought that the roof was coming off, that’s how loud it was here.”

The United States Geological Survey said the 4.7 magnitude quake struck about 96 kilometres (59 miles) southeast of Melbourne shortly before 9.00 pm (1000 GMT) at a depth of 10 kilometres.

“We were just sitting down watching the TV and then the whole house absolutely shook,” James Sandman of Drouin town told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“The foundations shook, the walls moved, they wobbled, and myself and my wife just looked at each other and we both then looked at the exits wondering ‘do we need to get out?'”

Seismologist Phil Cummins at Geoscience Australia, which monitors earthquake activity, told the national AAP news agency the quake “is unlikely to have caused any damage, except possibly some minor damage near the epicentre.”

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  1. Land is rising and the rising of land is responsible for earthquake.

    The earthquake that shook the new Madrid city from December 1811 to February 1812, still remain a scientific mystery.

    Currently researchers believe that earthquake is an effect of rubbing of moving continental plates.

    But the problem is the city new Madrid is located at the central part of the North American continent.

    During the earthquake rising of some section of land created six foot waterfalls in the Mississippi river . And the land in the nearby city called as Tennessee uplifted, about 50 kilometers long and 23 kilometers wide.

    This rising of land changed the course of the Mississippi river permanently.

    Therefore I conclude that the earthquake was caused by the rising of the land.

    sinse the earthquake zone is situated at the central part of the continent the so called moving of continental plates can not be said as an explanation.

    it should be noted that when an earthquake occurred on 30.09.1993 in the killari village which is located at the central part of the peninsular India , land has been raised up to three feet hight and the rising of land has been observed up to two kilometer distance.

    therefore the rising of land is the only reason for the earthquake

  2. “the rising of land is responsible for earthquake.”
    I do not know anything like this yet.

    “Currently researchers believe that earthquake is an effect of rubbing of moving continental plates.”
    that is what I believe in, as studied in school.

    Earthquakes are certainly a result of different plates/continental joints of our planet Earth.

    I think it should not be a matter of debate, “what earthquakes are?” rather mind should be stressed upon, “why there are so many earthquakes now days?” and what should be done to separate Earthquakes with longer period in between these. There is natural swings of polar axis in span of 365 days cycle of orbital period but our plant should not swing/shake to “doom”. “doom” may not be of our planet but it can certainly be doom of life (especially animal life aka human life). People misunderstood or assume with falsehood the grave state of our planet Earth, when they see this as something being propagated for conversion of their religious faith (which they already are confused about). Thank God their exist the scientific acceptance beyond bounds of religious beliefs.

  3. Moon quake.

    One more proof for stating that earth quakes occur due to the rising of the land are the tremors that occur on the moon.

    There are no continents on the moon. But, there are mountains, elevations and craters on the moon. Moreover moon quakes occur on the moon. Stating that the movement of the land only causes quakes is incorrect, because there are no continents on the moon. Hence, the rising of the land is the primary cause for earthquakes to occur.

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