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USB WiFi Dongle for Laptops and PC
USB WiFi Dongle easily connects your USB-equipped desktop or notebook computer to your wireless network for internet and file sharing. Desktop users can now join the wireless network with the ease of a USB plug-in, without opening their PC cabinet, laptop/notebook users can now stay mobile while connected to the internet. USB WiFi Dongles are 802.11g wireless enabled and is capable of streaming video and transferring large files across a wireless network. You will most likely need this if you have a bought a wireless ADSL or cable modem and wish to connect your PC to the internet or other PCs on the network wirelessly. The USB WiFi dongle is also compatible with all mobile phones and PDAs with WiFi connectivity.
Popular brands in USB Wifi Dongle
The popular brands available in USB WiFi dongle in India are Netgear, D-LINK, Belkin and Tech-Com and they range between Rs.500 (USD $12) to Rs.2500 (USD $50)

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