March 2009 : India will vote for Hung assembly

India is going for general elections 2009.
The official word has been released by election commission for Indian general elections. I tried to push av media to bring in a general awareness among India that, in these times of global recession we should lend some extension to current assembly, but it did not came into light of acceptance. I know, it required a twist out of constitution of India and every twist in constitution requires an elected assembly, to put life into it. So it was like producing egg without pre-existence of hen. And we have already wasted our minds in vain on question of “what came first? egg of chicken?”. Should we put this aside now, as it looks destined that India will vote for Hung assembly. We are going to waste India’s capital in this election. Money is not the most important, but the process of political instability that will follow this election, is a topic of concern. We as humans are of mindsets species and like to follow certain routines, for the sake of easy going nature. Sometimes this becomes a boon and at other times this make you miserable at the hands of fate. In India and almost every culture of world where we had sufficient resources for sustaining life men tend to follow set norms and traditions we can term it as routines. In old times in India the well settled people had a routine for every thing in their lives. A set routine for day to day life, a set routine of social interaction, a set routine for office work and (what made the present state of India?) a set of producing child every year by a married couple, untill they feel like running a primary school at home. Yeah! it was normal for a married couple to produce 10 to 15 babies in a span of 20 – 25 years. “India rules. man! you know about Kamasutra” 🙂 and Khajuraho temple (though its not a temple of sexual elaboration, hidden secret only for realised souls) (Getting funny. haan!). So, I was talking about our tendency to follow certain norms and routines. This is the characteristics that make us unique. Ask me! I also like routines, but I do not have a hang of it. That is what I am trying to make the point about. Can we extend our previously punched opinion and let this government be in office for a couple of years more?.

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