World’s cheapest car Nano from India

TATA Nano, world's cheapest Indian carYes! Tata Nano is world’s cheapest car at US $2500 and it has beaten even Hrithik Roshan (the most popular Indian Actor) in popularity ratings in India. All though officially Maruti Suzuki, Sanjay Gandhi’s socialist dream of a common man’s small car, was launched as most cheapest car at Rs.25000 ($600). But lack of competition, Indian corruption and black marketing increased its market value to US $ 6000. This was the main reason I advised not to go for Maruti 800 when we planed to buy our first “family” car. We preferred Matiz. Why? Because it has Mercedes quality fabrication and design, not found in any other car in its category. And for your information TATA bought Dawoo’s R&D which has played a major role in realising the Nano dream to reality. When ever I saw a new maruti suzuki 800 on road, I just said to myself “How foolish we (Indians) are acting?. Why people are paying six times the value of a car and feeling proud on their foolishness?”. Ok lets just dump the symbol of our stupidity and move on.

On Jan 10th, 2008 at Delhi Auto Expo 2008, TATA motors India launched its “one Lac Rupees car Nano”. A crowd of 80 thousand people came to see the long-awaited launch of TATA’s one Lac car Nano and caused a chaos.

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