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Who lives in New Jersey?

new-jerseyWho lives in New Jersey? Why I am asking this? On the night of 9th July, 2011 in deep meditation I saw and heard scenes in a short prophetic  dream. Someone was looking at monitor display (night-time) and shouting that New jersey has disappeared under water. There were visuals of flood water sweeping around.  So why this random visual appeared to me. Is it going to come true? Don’t know! But you must take into consideration,  “who is having this vision?”.  So, If you are following me with a viberating heart, then the message is clear.  But, Don’t panic! As I have said earlier that not all spiritual vision has their realization in  immediate future, but if you see signs of it approaching then you must take step towards safety.

Spiritual living is full of Sixth Sense surprises! I am posting about this vision, because it was surprising for me, that even if it could be a random dream, “Why did I heard just a single line and this vision (dream)  lasted only few seconds and it was strong enough to embed into memory”. Worldly, I don’t have any connection with New Jersey, except that, I have heard this place in some Hollywood movies, nothing more,  no relative or friend connected with that place.

“In this age of Science, am here to give you evidence of spiritual life/supernatural”.

SEISMIC Pulse noticed at 16:13 Hrs IST North to South 17.04.2011

SEISMIC Pulse noticed at 16:13 Hrs IST (GMT/UTC Sun 10:43 Hrs) North (30 degs in West) towards South (30 degs in East) moderate intensity.
Sixth Sense Blog 17.04.2011 SEISMIC Pulse noticed at 16:13 Hrs IST
Seismic activity noticed was of medium wave nature and at 16:29 Hrs IST, I have experienced a short wave Seismic pulse for 5 seconds.

Mag 5.4 Earthquake in North India (4th April 2011)

Here is summery of my tweets before I read tweets of starnews and IBN7. tweets in revese order as it on tweeter

One new thing I noticed These days I get frustrating dull feeling in my head 20 -30 mins before Earthquakes strikes. now tense feel gone.

My location is near Chandigarh Mohali city,Punjab (30.713890, 76.712012)

I am working on PC haven’t tell anybody d guy next to me is unmoved logged into his Facebook no one has felt I think bt I did felt it strong

(@starnewslive) #Earthquake tremors felt in #Delhi-NCR area

(@UKguy4justice) IBN BREAKING: Tremors felt in Delhi India #earthquake

still some bumps being felt by me at 17:08 hrs IST (12:38 GMT/UTC)

#EARTHQUAKE felt strong #SEISMIC pulse at around 17:04 Hrs IST (12:34 GMT/UTC) direction mid of West-North towards mid of South-East

When 8.9 magnitude struck Fukushima and when 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Japan for the second time, the nights before those destructive Earthquakes, I was sleepless for whole night. This time there was sudden onset of frustration feeling with dullness in my mind approximately 20 minutes before Earthquake struck and I felt it quite strong while I looked at guy next to me totally unmoved and consumed into facebook chat.
Earthquake was felt in News rooms of TV news channels like IBN7 and StarTVnews etc. These guys might have been praying to their Cricket Gods whose name they chan like anything day-night. “Oh Dhoni, Oh Sachin, earthquake struck here. Please win another world cup and save us.” lol.
I think there should be debate program how these cricketer will save us in an event of any major calamity and who is going to take which avatar (responsibility).

Magnitude 5.4 Earthquake struck North India: ExpressIndia.com
New Delhi An earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale rocked most parts of North India on Monday afternoon. The tremors were felt for approximately three seconds.

According to meteorological department sources, the epicenter of the earthquake was in the Hindukush Mountains. The impact of the tremor was felt in the National Capital Region (NCR) and other parts of North India. The tremors were also felt along the India-Nepal border.
Source: ExpressIndia.com

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake struck Japan (31st March, 2011)

Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake shakes North-Eastern Japan at around 07:15 GMT on 31st March 2011.
No damage reported Read full story
I think Google stopped reporting about Earthquakes. They fear that such news may spread panic among people thinking the doomsday is approaching. But this approach is of no good to world. I am just posting every earthquake news and the seismic activity noticed by my sixth sense, hours before the actual earthquake strikes some part of Earth.

Fresh Earthquake 6.5 Jolts Japan, No Casualities

(RTTNews 3/27/2011 11:37 PM ET) – A fresh earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter Scale struck the north-east coast of Japan on Monday morning, just over a couple of weeks after a magnitude 9 quake and accompanying tsunami devastated the region.

The quake struck at about 07:23 local time some 67 miles east of the port city of Sendai, which has already been devastated by the earlier quake and tsunami. There have been no reports of immediate causalities or damages from the latest quake.

Though the quake prompted a warning of possible tsunami of 18 inches in the Miyagi prefecture, the Japan Meteorological Agency later lifted that advisory.
Source: Read full news story on RTTnews

Earthquake M5.9 hits Honshu, JAPAN and M5.5 hits S.Carolina, USA

Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 hits Honshu, JAPAN (22nd March, 2011)
Source IBNLive

Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 hits South Carolina, USA (22nd March, 2011, 11:21:38 UTC )
Source : USGS.gov

Seismic Activity noticed at 10:12 IST North towards South

Seismic activity noticed at 10:12 IST (04:42 GMT)
direction : North towards South
duration : 20 sec (approx.)
nature : medium wave with a gap of 4 seconds in between seismic bumps

Sixth Sense Earthquake prediction March 22, 2011 North towards South