Climate Change : What’s the Truth? Copenhagen? 2012?

Time is slipping faster for us to mend our ways. I just heard news about floods in London and Brazil
and immediately my thoughts got fixed on the video I have uploaded on June 30, 2008. Its been more than a year. The video is titled as Major flood on Earth, but I must clear it here that I did not mean it to be assumed for high tidal wave which was the plot of 2012 who will Survive : we were warned movie.
Watch this video on you tube

I have seen a couple of movies on 2012 in month of November and these drove me crazy. I’ll be sharing it with you in future posts. Seen it all , Zakaria Sitchin, 2012 Dooms Day, History Channel documentary, 2012 Apocalypse.

P.S. Zacharia Sitchin’s Nibiru planet theory is wrong for a very basic of Universe and solar galaxy rule.

Copenhagen is not moving in any positive direction, I am tracking it via TV news. It seems no body realizes the core of Climate Change phenomena. Its not just CO2 levels. Its more than the developed and developing nations debate. We are having just single Planet global environment. Developed and Developing countries do not have separate Earth(s) or I am not aware of it? If we have two planets then no need to worry, as we can migrate to other one in case of any calamity as we already has an inter-continental (oh! sorry “inter-world” ) air transportation available.

P.S. Do not try to search this blog for Prophetic Dreams category as I have already (for some reason?) deleted that just after posting video on to Youtube. For some reason? Yes, I did not wanted to be termed as an alarmist.