Quake news : 7.5 magnitude jolted Japan

24 hours is what I wasted. A strong quake of 7.5 magnitude jolted Japan today. Yesterday at sharp 09:01 pm (IST, +5:30 GMT) I experienced rapid tremor waves, which were of small bounds and this lasted for 3 minutes. The direction was east-South to North-west. Then why I have not shared it on net? Firstly, I opted to wait for second episode of tremor that is what ensure me about the impeding quake. Secondly, I was in conflict with a teenager in Orkut community, slow net connection, power cuts, excuses …. excuses… . You know what? When two people discuss about me, and comment on my activities, their views reach me. Normally these comments fail to bring any impression on my state, like some one from news media said this guy is hungry for fame, and stuff like that… is now I am use to. I am feeling monotonous repeating quake intuitions. The big question is “What the use of it?”. I know I acted irresponsibly this time. I should not doubt Gods ways. I seek apology from Supreme Lord. I know there would be some purpose of this gift, though I am unable to see that. I think! I need to gather my self and grow my stature in devotional domain. Otherwise I feel like a milestone which informs in advance about the approaching destination. This time I ask you “YES You! The Blog reader, to post your view and comments. Your opinion will benefit me. So dear, do post your comments.”… I fear when DOOM will be approaching, I’ll be lost in depression..

CNN : Strong quake rattles Japan 19th July, 2008

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