Doom’s day or dawn of new era?

Doom’s day or dawn of new era?

Just a day before, I came to know about CERN’s biggest experiment of this century. Some 2500 scientists, from 80 countries are involve in bringing this big event in our times. Yesterday, I came to know about this thing via Indian news media i.e. Cable TV news channels viz. Aajtak, IBN7 and IndiaTv. There was more of fear factor in pitch line of these news casts. And to tell you the truth, I am also, feeling some sense of caution and helplessness. You know, brave hearts does not feel fear, but they fear fools. The helplessness cripples intelligentsia, when fools have social certification of genius elite group. I don’t know much about this experiment, but these scientist claim that they are doing this to benefit humanity and want to bring a new era on earth. They should have taken an opinion from world before putting whole universe at stake. At least world would have tried to convince them or would have given them their vouch. Read this if you still don’t
know what I am talking about. CERN’s Biggest atom smashing experiment of this century

But before that, you should checkout my this video
GOD’s messages for this World 2008

Geneva Experiment September 2008 or Doom trigger

There are some scientist those claim that, this experiment has capacity and there is a possibility, it will generate black holes as a byproduct. Black hole are very mysterious dark swirling points (or holes as we all know), these black holes expand to gulp anything that came in it’s way. In fact, black hole just sucks up every thing around. Where all that sucked up stuff goes? and what happens to it? Nobody knows. Not even Dad of NASA scientist. 😆

In that video (link given above), there is a message “Do not try to challenge divinity with technology!”. I was wonder struck on this, as I was trying to figure out, what could be the technology challenge, that God has to send us this message?
Who is trying to challenge God’s divine power of creation?
and lo! it did not took long, to come before me. There is every reason in this world, that make me believe that CERN LHC could be it. So Stop it dear, if you are listening.

God says. “With technology, you will not be able to find out answers to your queries, because the answers you are trying to find out are lying on the path to me. Technology, is like a ring of metal, and scientist roams in it, on every step he finds a turn, which he believes is a new one and starts chasing the same. and God says, “I am not found in your-make, I am found in my-make.

In my vernacular blog Dev Vani, I have written that these scientists are more evil minded then Osama (yes even, he looks like tiny miny, before the cerebral itch of these scientists at Geneva), he took revenge based on his religious belief and sucked up the life or around 5000 humans.

To CERN Scientists
Look man! there is no hurry. You can take some timeout and if this experiment is feasible on this Wednesday, it will be on next Wednesday too. What’s the big rush? At least you can gather some support or approval from scientific fraternity of this world by putting your case forward. What I feel like? I already told you, I feel helpless. Tell me, if you see a child, who is caring an un-insulated copper wire and is trying to put into electric power plug, what you will do? Obviously, you will try to stop him, by raising your voice and bringing his attention/senses towards you. This way you will save his life. But what will you do, when the role of child is played by the one who has social certification of being among the genius elite club. And claims that by doing this he is trying to benefit the whole of human evolution. Yes! you will feel helpless. May God save us from this situation.Look! the ball is with humans now either come on the path of devotion of be ready to face the mental itch of so called scientists .

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