Good things and Bad things

Good things and Bad

Its all happening here. Today starts the first session of assembly in parliament of Indian Government. Its time when the ministries will draw new policies and implement previously sketched polices. In general, life take a new step forward for a Nation of Faith. Good and Bad things are in the air and we should catch good things and vaporize the bad things.

BAD Present Indian democratic govenment system
GOOD Indian democracy : the ideology is
based on Pandit Nehru’s discovery of India.

BAD Partition of India in 1947
GOOD Thanks to Jinah, that he took away likeminded people with him

BAD Attack on Indian Students in UK and Australia  
GOOD Amitabh Bachchan refused the Honor from Australia.

BAD Continuation of Govt.’s project of setu-sumudram to destroy Ram-Setu the icon of Lord Sri Ram’s victory on demon Kingdom.
GOOD We still can stop this from vanishing. A matter of Faith and environment combined.

BAD English translation of Ramayana on children’s TV
GOOD The telecast of  Ramayana on children’s TV.

BAD Situation of life in Pakistan
GOOD Action in Pakistan will bring some amount of stability for World Peace.

BAD Call center culture for unmarried girls in India
GOOD Call center culture for frustrated young adults.

BAD projection of gay culture on TV
GOOD Fox, History Channel and HBO telecast of 11th Hour Action and Mahabharat.

BAD killing of domestic cattle for meat and leather.
GOOD At least Hindus will work to pass a law, which will equate killing of cows for awarding capital punishment. Some members of Bishnoi community should be given a seat in law formulating bench.

BAD propaganda of hatred in name of religion
GOOD the love of literacy. More you seek knowledge, more you will become like "a man of all in one religion".

BAD North Korea’s neuclear tests and world tenssion
GOOD HOPE!! World for Peace Nations will unite to end such madness.

Author: Param Lowe

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