High Salaried Lunatics!! Are you one of them?

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Moon landing mission, Chandrayana
An Apology in advance if this post hurts some of you, but it is needed to bring you to light. Many a times I hear, about people who are well educated and serving big corporations with their managerial and technical skills specially in USA and some Indian IT companies here in Gurgaon, Bangaluru and Hydrabad.

So, who are these well placed and high salaried lunatics anyway? If you are somewhat inclined towards reading newspapers randomly here and there then you might have read this news item, which crops up every few months about people buying “Real Estate” on Lunar plane. Ha Ha! Yes! this is why, I call them lunatics. Not just because of this act of idiocy, but also for the real meaning elaborated in English dictionary.

These lunatics are everywhere. You can find them at major companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Yahoo and IBM etc. May be a few at NASA and ISRO also.
The height of lunaticism is that, not only these people talk proudly about their ownership, but also put on display, the certificate (issued by one website) of the same. The sensible men have said “to err is human”, but the learned one does not showcases his blunders in public. But these Lunatics are of different kind.

This was just a trailer of bigger picture. Now, I am going to bring some light to Space Explorers, we call them Astrophysicist. I totally and firmly rebuke any claim of Lunar landing by any man in recent past or present times. I tell you humans will never be able to inhabit Earth’s moon. Why? firstly because it does not have a set atmospheric climate and secondly, because Moon does not have set Electromagnetic field to sustain animal life with intellect and cardiac organ.

Mammoth amount of funds are being wasted in name of Moon explorations. Even Indian Government has its Chanra Mission 2020 going on. Its just a Lunaticism. Nothing more!

To save your money, is not my Karma, but to save you time and energy is intended. I give an open challenge to the world scientists (ha ha yes! that’s a good one… but seriously … read on) to perform and triangular radio communication between Earth and Moon and check for yourself the credibility of my claim.
Triangular communication can be set in any of the two patterns.

1. Radio signal transmission from base station on Earth to geo-stationary space station to moon and its dual side call with Moon as central node.

2. Relay of radio signal from base station on Earth to first receiver/transmitter station on Moon to second receiver/transmitter on Moon and back to Earth station.

One more thing

Have you forgotten Large Hordon Proton Collider experiment?

What was the result? A young scientist showed to the world “a computer generated animation” on his Laptop. What new things you have brought to the world Mr. Scientist? If you have just the animation of proton collision to show then that is a very costly animation job. you should have hired some flash programmers to do the job rather than spending huge finances and digging into Deep Earth. I know it will hurt but as I have already mentioned it is not my intention to do.

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