Indians For SALE! Place your bid. Nuclear Liability Bill

Nuclear Liability Bill, 2010, India
Yes! Life of Indians (East India, Himalayan demographics) has been put on auction by NDA lead Indian Government and supported by the Indian parliament. I am talking about Nuclear Liability Bill which has been put forward in parliament for approval. So, What is this NLB about? Let’s try to explain in layman’s language. The NLB is a “bill for deciding the amount of money as the legal liability on Power Generation (electricity) company, to be paid as compensation, to family or relatives of the death of Indians in case of Nuclear Disaster in Thermal Plants. This is what Indians deserve? No!
First of all if it has become inevitable to depend on Thermal power generation to meet the demand of Electricity consumption for domestic and industrial purposes, then Government should not put Indian’s life on auction in front of power generation companies. The wicked politicians have conspired a deal behind doors (NDTV Gustakhi maaf’s realistic revelations) to secure their materialistic goals.

I singed GREENPEACE’s letter to Prime minister S. Manmoan Singh just for the sake of their movement, but found it a shear joke. It just pleads like a ruined women for compensation.

Dear Dr. Singh,

The nation looks at you for making India a power to reckon with, but at what cost? The Cabinet will pass the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill which still limits the compensation. The process of modifying the bill and sending it to a Standing Committee has failed the mandate to provide prompt compensation to the victims of a nuclear incident.#

With the context of Bhopal, it is ironical that India will pass a legislation that will limit the compensation. Democracy is for the people and requires you, as their representative, to put people before profit. We want the bill to provide for unlimited liability in case of an accident and not let foreign corporations get away with it.


#Get money after death! What a dark mind?

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01 Nuclear Liability Bill, India

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02 Nuclear Liability Bill, India

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03 Nuclear Liability Bill, India

Wake up Indian Government !! You are to serve us. We are not your commodity.

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