Punishments : The Change is here

God’s ire now at work!

“We want change…..We want change”. The change you have chanted for, is here. Now every now and then I see sparks of divine justice and punishments being awarded to inhumane persons. The judgments have started and punishment are being awarded. Beware Hackers! you are next :).

Here is the story of dark times :

A renowned cardiac surgeon here in Chandigarh, northern part of India, has been awarded six year rigorous imprisonment for doing heinous karma of duping suffering patients. This doctor was a head of department at India’s topmost medical research center, we know here popularly as PGI (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research). Dr. R. Singh Dhaliwal has operated upon more than 300 patients for heart valve replacement.

News Source : The Tribune News (TNS)

The Head of Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, P.G.I.M.E.R, Prof R. S. Dhaliwal, who was allegedly involved in the purchase of substandard heart valves for patients going in for heart surgeries at the institute since 1994 till 2001 has been suspended.

He was placed under suspension after a high level committee took the decision after the approval of Union Health Ministry. The issue was also taken up at the Institute Body meeting held at New Delhi last month.

The CBI had registered a case under Section 120-B, 420, 467, 468, 471 of the IPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1998, against Dr Dhaliwal and two of his accomplice in this regard in 2003. He was allegedly involved in hatching conspiracy with two private chemists for purchasing substandard heart valves at much lower rates and then selling these to patients at higher rates. The trio were allegedly sharing the profit.

Dr Amod Gupta, Head of the Ophthalmology Department, has been given the additional charge of the department.

Heart Surgeon Dr. R. S. Dhaliwal
the CBI Court has imposed a fine of Rs 70,000 on Dhaliwal and Rs 50,000 on Chemist Satpal Singla with two-year sentence. This was the first time in India that a doctor had been convicted for criminal conspiracy.

According to information, CBI had filed a case under Sections of the IPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 against Dr Dhaliwal and chemist Sat Pal Singla, owner of Paul Medical Hall in Sector 11 in 2nd March2006, after receiving a complaint in 2003 regarding artificial heart valve scam.

According to information, the convicted heart specialist was inspired by world known heart surgeon C. Walton Lillehei and made heart surgery as his profession before landing as an inmate of Indian jails.

What adds more to this darkness is, that it is not a single hospital, single doctor thing. Most doctors here in India has same modus operandi. There always exists a nexus, between medico-surgical supplier and the gang of doctors. Whether its a non-critical orthopedic implants and prosthetics or ultra critical supplies and usables like in cardiac, oncology and nephrology cases. These doctors just see a big money making opportunity in every misery/suffering of patient.
The blame can be transfered very easly and aptly on our system and thinking of carier oriented parents. Since last couple of decades it has become a trend in Indian society that every child in city should get a label of doctor, Engineer at what ever cost. Business people saw an unexploited market and put their money on setting up Technical and medical institutes at a speed you would have been bewildered, if you were a witness of this trend here in India. And its now all capitalist business mindset here “Hungry for cash !”.

A person who has paid 5 to 10 lacs1 Indian rupees to get a label of Dr. or Er. before their name would ever walk on social service track (though they do name it as social service sector). As God has said “You will reap, as you will sow !”. Now you can see. Its being served before your eyes.
In India, God has taken very affectionate care for our rescue from darkness. We have many sources of light in form of Spiritual books, like ShrimadhBhagwatGita “The celestial song sung by Lord Himself” and Shri Guru Granth SahibAmrit Bani :The nectar of immortality“. Being a Sikh, it is a bigger failure for Dr. R. S. Dhaliwal. It is written there in Shri Guru Granth Sahib in very easy language “Raja duniya daa, jaanda jag to haar kay !”, means the one who spend his lifetime, accumulating worldly wealth only, he dies empty hand and leaves every single penny of his wealth behind. People have seen an opportunity to escape social status from earlier established norms, which were based on caste system. The financial status has become a worthy thing to gain social status. Same is the case with getting higher positions in religious and political institutions. This how people open door for depletion of peace and harmony in a well knit social fabric. Its just a projection of restless greed.

1. One million = 10 lacs

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