Shivratri : God’s Wedding annivarsary

Tonight Hindus celebrate Shivratri all over world. Shivratri is celebrated as God’s Wedding anniversary.
Mahadev Shiv Shankara is Lord of world, the Earth. He manifests in order of world. The Kailash mountain in Himalayas is his favorite abode. Hindus or better we say “sanatanis” (sanatanis : means the eternal people) celebrate this night as progress of progenitor. When the nature in manifestation of mother Parvati (the daughter of Mountains) seeks shelter of “Lord of World”, to save her from degradation and bring her to divine bloom is the celebrated day of Shivratri. The Lord Shiva is considered as most emotional God, who can be pleased easily, to bless you worldly rewards, with simplest of devotion. All religions on this Earth worship him only. He is All Mighty God, He is Khuda (the self existant, Savayambhoo in Hindi) Allah the source of light of knowledge. He is God of Worlds He is Shiva the one who turns poison into divine nectar. He is an exiting image of Lord of Universe on our planet Earth. If a man marries a woman and produces children, he is unknowingly worshiping Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gives his blessings even in absence of awakened/direct devotional gesture. It does not matters to Him what you call your self. You name your self Christian, He says, “You are my son”. You name yourself Muslem, He says, “you are my son”. You name yourself Hindu, He says, “You are my son”. Tonight is your father’s marriage anivarsary.
Har Har Mahadev Shambhoo! Gracious Self Existent Lord!
beautiful God
beautiful God

How Adishakti Parvati won the Heart of Shankara?

The great mother goddess Adishakti is the heavenly wife of Shiva, Lord of All Gods. Whenever Shiva or Adishakti come to Earth in human form, they are fated to marry each other again—but that’s no guarantee that all will go smoothly with their courtship. In this story Adishakti comes to Earth as the mountain princess Parvati, who has her work cut out for her when she tries to win the affections of Shiva. Shiva spends all his time meditating on a remote mountainside in the Himalayas and has no interest in marriage. Parvati washes his feet, wipes his brow, and lays sixteen offerings before him, but he won’t even look at her. Sage Narada advises her to invoke Shiva’s name—Om Namah Shivaya—over and over again as a mantra. So in the heat of the sun, in the driving rain, in snow up to her neck Parvati sits and repeats her beloved’s name until the focused power of her intent opens his heart and persuades him to ask for her hand in marriage

story source : Sanatan Society

Author: Param Lowe

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