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Entertainment as tool of Governance.

Entertainment is a best tool of Governance these days.
Since the invention of electronic mode of entertainment like radio, satellite TV, video games it has tremendous impact on soothing out public outrage against unpleasant policies and inefficiencies of Government systems world over. I am quite sure, if entertainment industry is brought to a halt (lets consider USA and India), there will be more civil unrest against government policies and inflation than its now which is just a breaking news on TV news channels. People are busy watching tv than looking around the world. See now there will be Cricket World Cup in months of February and March of 2011. I know current Indian government is keeping its fingers cross that Indian people get consumed into this b%ll Sh%&t cricket telecasts and it will be, I know it. Sometimes, a thought comes to my mind whether Mahatma Gandhi would have been successful in bringing the self reliance conscious to the minds of Indians, if satellite TV and other entertainment modes would have been made freely available by Britishers? I do burst into a mind giggle on this thought and am sure you will also agree, it would have been a nightmare and Bapu Gandhi would have been sitting in some hospital’s psychology ward for all that mental energy he would have spent on keeping himself dedicated on his pursuit. I think Britishers were late in inventing this (entertainment) tool of government. But don’t loose heart we Indians are still following the world. Don’t just laugh, but consider the illusion of times we are living our lives in. You can spend time watching American pie and sleep into American dream until you see the impact of wasting time on entertainment in decaying social and economical order around your self. On 14th Feb, valentine’s day, the first news on tv shocked me. Seven young men in their early twenties hanged themselves or were murdered and hanged, that too in New Delhi area, center of Indian Government. What is going on? So many murders, so many rapes, so many scams, so many scandals and inefficient governance. Yet there is no sign of any unrest among people. Simply we are busy seeking entertainment. If you are visiting India, you will see Cricket News casts every other minute on TV and newspapers columns running from first page to the last. We Indians are so much “seeker” of pleasure that even if the so called ET aliens came to capture us we won’t realise it until the Cricket World Cup is over.

India: require new legislative leafs to control use of Innovative Technology

Electronic Cigarette
Yeah! that’s the weirdest title, I have ever written for a blog post. But its “the call of times” and in my avatara to generate socio-political sparks, I find it suitable to bring this thought to the minds and conscious of legislators. “Legislation to counter Innovative Technology”. I must clarify here, that am not against innovations or the phenomenon of Innovative technology, but I am of opinion that we should not just take it for granted that all the technology that comes under our purchasing power is gonna benefit our social structure and should be bought, imported or is licensed to do business. I just saw some videos about electronic cigarettes.
Electronic Cigarette
At first, I thought what a novel idea to help smokers quit smoking, but after watching a few videos more I realised that this gadget if became popular here in India, will bring drug abuse to a menacing level. Drug abuse and addiction has already became a major threat to social security in most parts of India. I think electronic cigarettes will become fashion in India in near future and even non smokers will be inclined to try the “Safer & Healthy” labeled puffing gadget. That is why, I am initiating this this spark towards those who ink the book of legislative norms for our nation. There should now arise a need to formulate laws to govern electronic modes of intoxication.

tech jobs sell in MNCs!

tech jobs sell in MNCs!

Recently, I met a guy, who was holding B.Tech degree (Bechlore’s in echnology) and was applying for Customer Care job in local BPO company. I asked him why he was going for the BPO job, they offer no more than $150 a month and the job requires at least 9 hours of sitting work, 6 days a week. I asked him why didn’t he applied for Engineer’s post in some good company?

Most companies offer around 8000-10,000 per annum of salary package to Engineering graduate. He replied with sad looks on his face. He said, that he had been to a couple of interviews and jobs are being sold for 50% of the salary package associated with the post. He said one HR asked him to pay 1.5 lakh for job offer. He said he comes from poor family and couldn’t arrange money, but his friend was able to pay for that offer. His friend is now working at Rs.3 lakh ( $8000+ approx.) annual salary. I told him , its for the first time, I have heard such thing and its hard to believe that such is the picture of corruption among corporate world. My skepticism was cleared by a recent news on TV, about the HRs selling jobs in companies. People here in India can be heard saying, “From academic degrees to jobs, from office peon to state minister, everything sells in India. You just need money to buy them.” This is the state of corruption in India. One guy satirically said that’s why US or Australian colleges don’t value our degrees. One has to clear different test to prove your eligibility for entrance to education or getting jobs there.

Radio Tagging an act of Human Rights Violation

I have been supporter of security measures implemented by Government agencies, whether with use of legislature or through the implementation of technology. But, I could not agree with radio tagging of students. In my view its shear breach of Human Rights and violates the right to personal liberty/privacy and is reinforcement of the slavery/bondage mentality. The Britishers are better in this. They just deport illegal immigrants. In this era of radio/tele communication, there are other/better technology tools available to keep a watch on demographic field and every individual can be tracked 24 hrs of a day. Some of these tools does not require any sort of collar or tagging, then why, there is a need to put a locked tag on Indian students? In case of criminals, I may agree with radio tagging, but for students it just blows the boundaries of a democratic nation theory. This is the worst mode of security implementation, I have ever seen. Mr. Obama are you sleepy? Wake up man. Stand for liberty and protect Human rights of these students. This just reflects colonial slavery mindset nothing more.

7.4 Earthquake Hits South-West Pakistan (19-Jan-2011)

Sixth Sense Blog19-Jan-2011
Read my Sixth Sense tweets about Earthquake predictions, where I experienced Seismic activity 36 Hours before the 7.4 magnitude Earthquake hits Pakistan.
A strong earthquake jolted Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab late Tuesday night. The US Geological Survey recorded the quake magnitude at 7.4, which was very shallow at a depth of 6.3 miles (10 km). It struck 34 miles (55 km) west of Dalbandin, a town in located in western Balochistan. The earthquake shook Karachi, Quetta, Jaffarabad, Sibbi, Lahore, DG Khan, Sargodha and many other towns and cities.

source : The Nation : 7.4-quake jolts Pakistan

TATA NANO car : Nothing wrong Buy with confidence!!

Its all just a bad propaganda against Tata Nano.
TATA NANO car Nothing wrong Buy with confidence!!
If Mr. Tata is genuinely dedicated to provide Nano car (??? over his Rs.3 Lakh priced Indica Vista) to Indian car buyers, there should not be any point to worry. (To provide cheaper products over high priced popular and hot selling products, sometimes becomes unviable business. That is why, I was skeptic before Nano’s launch, but now Nano owners should pressurize Mr. Tata to walk firmly on his promise.)

With recent news about declined sales of Tata NANO car, it seems the car on fire propaganda has imbibed fear among small car buyers. Its not just nano, every car in busy city traffic of Delhi or Mumbai like metro cities is at risk of catching fire. Its just a matter of driving style. It you are applying brakes every few seconds the engine will heat up and there will be more chances of engine catching fire. See the news video posted here below, even Suzuki’s Swift caught fire and I have seen cars of different class and brand catching fire.

if above video does not play, then click here to watch this video on YouTube

Tip: In India people generally are not that aware about car safety. You will find people traveling without first aid box, Tyre jack & tools, spare wheel and most does not even care for a small fire extinguisher. Small fire extinguisher costs around Rs.250 to 300 and ISI marked genuine FEs are easily available in auto showrooms. A portable fire extinguisher comes handy in event of fire, which can happen due to either short circuit sparking or loosely left cigarette bud etc. One must keep at least a First aid box and a handy Fire Extinguisher.

if above video does not play, then click here to watch this video on YouTube

I must say, those who spent two lakh Rupees on low grade M800 were really idiots. Tata Nano is no ordinary car. Consider the fact while in comparison to contemporary small cars, M800 was way old technology car and not worth Rs.2 Lakh.
As much as I know, Tata nano’s Engine design is from Porsche R&D. Porsche is among world leaders in Automobile industry and they specialise in rear wheel engines. Most design is state of the art and is from Korea’s Daewoo R&D. Surely there are some points to consider when you plan to buy a new small car for your family.
Tata nano is compact City car.
It has efficient fule average it gives around 18-21 KMPL.
Tata nano takes very little parking space and moves easily in jam packed parking areas.
High raised seats give ample view of traffic on road.
Well designed even for tall people.
Driving is easy and pleasure.
Lightweight and Elegant design.
Nano is a car for young urban guys and gals.
Car for working Women with kids.
It lacks boot space for people who like to travel with big luggage.

PM took life of another Indian

Its the second incident in a span of 10 months, that Indian PM Mr. Manmohan Singh’s motorcade has been responsible for death of a critical patient, in New Delhi. Here is the full story covered by Hindustan Times, a national daily newspaper.
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PM took life of another Indian

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I was searching for images on PM’s motorcade and found this one really amusing one
check it out

P.S. That doesn’t make me a BJP activist. I am just a Bhartiya “an Indian”.
Neither I hate Congress nor BJP.

Life in India : Medical Ethics Hit new low

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Life in India : Medical Ethics Hit new low

Indian doctors may have a better reputation in USA but in India the medical profession has lost its noble stature in society. Every now and then, we hear and see news about doctors being thrashed and manhandled by the kin of the patients for medical negligence and greedy behaviour. In a recent incident at General Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh, a pregnant lady from poor class of the area was infused with wrong blood group. It proved foeticidal for her unborn one and now she is suffering with acute renal infection. The root cause of this situation is the greedy minds and ambitions of their parents and peer group of these medical professionals. Now a days, the term in fashion is “Health Care Industry” which used to be “Health Care Services” before India Growth happened. Corporates have taken over hospitals and are making profits in nexus with Pharmaceutical industry.
Those were the days, way back in early Eighties (in my childhood days) when I saw a doctor hushing away a medical representative, from his clinic and warning him not to approach his clinic for pharmaceutical recommendations and favors. These days its a totally different story. Private practitioners have a regular and fixed financial favours from pharmaceutical companies for recommending their brands to patients and which results in increased sales. The irony of time is this norm has become a marketing strategy and “doctors” are comfortable with this. “Who don’t like Free money?”. From politicians to peon everybody is busy in cash munching. I really wonder how come KBC flopped this time? I think people are over bored with win money shows or they are with Mr. Amitabh.

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Life in India : Medical Ethics Hit another new low

Mr. Obama recently tagged our nation as “India has already risen” an saluted with “Jai Hind”. I must say, I am not sure its a praise of a friendly country or just a satire? We Indians love America and American way of life and there is no doubt about it. Now every wants to live lavish life style like big tycoons of USA. People surf through web for home decor and furniture styles, young guys want to copy “emo style” (don’t know exactly whats that? some say its gayism). BMWs, Mercs and Audi cars rule Indian car segment. The most commonly viewed change is the vulgar pointed finger stickers on bikes which has become like a religious symbol among urban youth as if they feel retard in its absence. A recent report from Swiss Bank claims that they have so much Indian black money in their banks that if its sent back to India, there will be no need to levy any tax on Indian public for a decade.

6.0-magnitude earthquake hits back

6.0-magnitude earthquake hits Manila

6.0-magnitude earthquake hits Manila

Source : 6.0 Earthquake, volcanic ash burst strike Philippines Sin Chew Jit Poh – 1 hour ago
2010-11-06 17:51
MANILA, Saturday 6 November 2010 (AFP) – A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake and a burst of volcanic ash struck a region south of the Philippine capital on Saturday in quick sucession, but government experts said the events were unrelated. A earthquake hit the Bicol region early Saturday, shaking people from their sleep but causing no serious damage, the government said. The quake, with an epicentre off the coat of Burias island, about 275 kilometres (171 miles) southeast of Manila, occurred at 12:41 am (1641 GMT Friday), the government seismology office said.

100 injured in Iran earthquake

Source :
100 injured in Iran earthquake
(UKPA) – 1 hour ago
About 100 people were injured in a 4.9-magnitude earthquake which stuck western Iran, state television has reported.
The quake struck at 7.22am local time (3.08am GMT) in the town of Dorood, causing damage to residential buildings.
The report said 25 of the injured remained in hospital, while the others were released after treatment.
also on ZEE News

5.0 magnitude quake hits NW China’s Xinjiang

Source : 5.0 magnitude quake hits NW China’s Xinjiang3 hours ago

An earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter Scale hit northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region at 10:12 a.m. Beijing Time Saturday, according to the China Earthquake Networks Center. The epicenter was monitored at 36.8 degrees north latitude and 87.5 degrees east longitude with a depth of about 10 kilometers, the center said.