Quake log 17th May 2008

I felt two very weak pulses of tremor on Sunday 17th may, 2008 at 20:54 (IST) and second one at 20:56 IST (IST is +5:30 GMT). Tremors were weak but I think the direction was North to South-West
There was something unusual with the tremor pulses as you can see there is approximately two minutes gap between bounds. there was less depth (I mean, the first pulse did not fade out as prominently as I should be the character of sine wave. One more thing I noticed regarding Sichhuan China quake is that this Quake was a sudden death quake. This might have altered the Sichhuan provincial capital of Chengdu city’s height with regards to sea level. There should some be depression in height, if aI am right. “Scientists! Please do study this factor for Sichhuan Province Quake”.

Author: Param Lowe

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